7 steps to market your website 7 Steps to Market Your New Website

I received an enquiry via my website this week, asking me how to start getting visitors and sign-ups for a brand new website.


1.  Create a lead generator.  Every new website needs to be able to help you create a list of prospective clients or customers. To encourage your new website visitors to join your list, you will need a lead generator, or a client attraction product of some kind. This could be something you’ve written like an ebook or several checklists related to your niche; a podcast or audio; or a series of emails sent over a period of days or weeks, called an Autoresponder or E-course  which helps to  solve a major problem experienced by your target market.  For example, a travel website could give away something like, “Top 7 Tips to Finding The Best Accommodation in Paris Which Other Tour Companies Don’t Want You to Know.”  In this PDF product, you tell your prospective clients how to find great accommodation, and mention how your company can help them – perhaps you have a hotel search engine on your site, or have something else they can use on your site. The main idea is that you pepper the PDF with links to YOUR services on YOUR site, to encourage them to come visit.

2.  Build a list.  You’ve no doubt heard this over and over, and I know many people are afraid of starting an email list. My advice is close your eyes and just do it icon smile 7 Steps to Market Your New Website Best to start now when your site is young, and pretty soon you’ll have info you want to share with your followers. You’ll need an email marketing program like I use - Teena’s Recommendation for Email Marketing, this is also known as collecting leads.  All you’ll need to do is install an opt-in/sign-up  box on your website where prospective clients can leave their names and email addresses in exchange for your lead generator (gift for signing up with great perceived value) mentioned in Item 1.

3.  Educating your prospective clients.  Write one article a week about some aspect of your niche – use all your great knowledge here – and submit it to article submission websites. I use several Article Banks to publish my articles (for example GoArticles.com and EzineArticles.com ).  In your Bio or Resource Box at the end of each article, make sure to write interesting text to encourage your prospective client to pop over to your website to grab the free lead generator PDF by signing up.

4.  Stay in touch with prospective clients.  Publish a weekly (or twice monthly) email newsletter with an article about your knowledge in your niche, along with an offer for your readers.  The offer could be something as simple as a special limited-time pricing on one of your products or service, or even a free consultation to help your reader.

5.  Blog about your website niche.  As well as writing articles and publishing a newsletter or ezine, it’s an extremely good idea to start a blog about your niche;  post new info on it 2-3 times each week (more if you can). If you encourage your clients and newsletter followers, they may be happy to share their experiences related to your niche on your blog.  You can also re-publish the articles (you’ve already written and published) on this blog, as well as rewrite some of your other content (for example your newsletter) here too.

6.  Look for strategic alliances.  Are you aware of companies in  this same niche or market who provide a different product or service to the market?   Each of you could promote the other’s web site or  feature articles by each other on each other’s blogs or in each other’s email newsletters, which means reaching a new list of prospective clients.

7.  Video marketing.  Video marketing is very important and is all the rage right now, as it’s bringing great results. If you can take quick informative videos  about your products and services you’ll be able to post them to video websites like YouTube.com.

This is a short list of things you can do to start encouraging people to sign up on your website – and remember that the give-away must be perceived to be something filled with good value.

I wish you all a prosperous year with much success for your online adventures!

If you’ve got something you’d like to add to my list, please do post a Comment and share it with us. It will help others who are searching for ways to market themselves as they are starting out, and I’d be ever so grateful.

Ciao for now
Teena Hughes

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