cartoon Australians are addicted to technology!

I thought it could be true, might be true, and now my fears/suspicions have been confirmed … we in Australia are techie geeks and LOVE all new technology, taking to new technology faster than a duck to water [if you know what I mean icon smile Australians are addicted to technology!

Here's the proof [in the Sydney Morning Herald]:

A nation of technology addicts, survey finds

Julian Lee Marketing Reporter
October 2, 2006

“AUSTRALIA’S love affair with technology is fast becoming an addiction. Our reliance on gadgets and the internet is leading to an “always on” culture, with research showing the availability of email, mobile phones and portable music players are allowing us to squeeze almost 43 hours of activity out of 24.

Based on interviews with 4780 people researchers calculated that because of the high incidence of multi-tasking the average family spent a combined 16 hours a day with mobile phones, computer games, TV, reading and using the internet. This was on top of 6 hours spent with family or friends each day, and 20 hours working, commuting, doing chores – and sleeping.

The number of mobile phones, digital cameras, computers and TV sets in Australian homes is among the highest in the world, according to a global study into the use of technology by families commissioned by internet search company, Yahoo!7.”

You can read the rest of this article by clicking here to go to the website.

I’ve heard statements like this over the years, and I really believe it’s true. Although the cost to Australians to own mobile phones and other techie gadgets is far greater than say the USA, it doesn’t seem to stop us from wanting new technology. I count myself in the crowd. icon smile Australians are addicted to technology!

What about you? Are you techno crazy? Love new gadgets? Read your email the minute you get out of bed, or even better, have your computer on a wheelie desk BESIDE your bed? I’d love to hear your thoughts – feel free to post a comment on any topic or article.

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