Did you see the article in the paper or online today, about NASA ‘misplacing’ the video of the FIRST STEPS ON THE MOON???

Oh boy, I really can’t believe that!

One giant blunder for mankind: How NASA lost moon pictures
Richard Macey : August 5, 2006

THE heart-stopping moments when Neil Armstrong took his first tentative steps onto another world are defining images of the 20th century: grainy, fuzzy, unforgettable.

But just 37 years after Apollo 11, it is feared the magnetic tapes that recorded the first moon walk – beamed to the world via three tracking stations, including Parkes’s famous “Dish” – have gone missing at NASA’s Goddard Space Centre in Maryland.

A desperate search has begun amid concerns the tapes will disintegrate to dust before they can be found.

It is not widely known that the Apollo 11 television broadcast from the moon was a high-quality transmission, far sharper than the blurry version relayed instantly to the world on that July day in 1969. [Read more on the Sydney Morning Herald website ...]

It made me think of how many people I know who don’t actually back up their computer data, their websites, or even keep their paperwork organised, or even scanned onto cds so they can access it when the ink is no longer visible on the pages. [Is it just me or is anyone else having this issue with some receipts, for example, with 'disappearing' ink after a couple of months? who'd invent THAT?]

Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning an article I wrote a while back which has now appeared on a ton of other websites – you might want to check it out here:

Backup Schmackup: Im Afraid, Very Afraid!

And think about it – when was the last time YOU backed up your computer or data???

I’ll leave you with that thought,

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