send button Be careful what you put in an email!
We all do it.

We write from the heart, from the hip, from the head [in anger perhaps] and click the SEND button … and we assume [perhaps incorrectly] that this email will be read only by the person we sent it to.

Think again.

There are tons of stories on the internet about all kinds of emails which have been forwarded [out of spite, glee, anger, love, sadness - every emotion] and which have ended up being front page news in the Technology section of the paper – how delightful. That nasty comment you made is now visible by THE ENTIRE WORLD. Professing undying love for your boss sounded like a good idea … at the time. icon smile Be careful what you put in an email!

What can we do to avoid this??? Some say the only way to prevent this from happening is to NEVER put anything in an email which you wouldn’t want to read in the newspaper. Hmm easier said than done.

Some people write to their best friends and use code words for people in their lives [home and work] whose names they would never want to see printed, if the email got into the wrong hands. This is at least one step in the right direction. icon smile Be careful what you put in an email!

“NEVER put anything in an email which you wouldn’t want to read in the newspaper!

Here’s an article I read recently about one guy’s advances on a woman he worked with – and the disastrous results:

Saucy email spreads like wildfire

Asher Moses
October 26, 2006 | Read the whole article

“A salacious email inviting a female lawyer to no-strings sex has spread like wildfire to countless inboxes worldwide.

The email was penned by law clerk Craig Dale, and sent last week to female lawyer Azadeh Bashari.

They work for separate law firms in New Zealand and it is unclear how they met.

“At the end of the day we are both really busy and don’t have time for anything else but a bit of good-hearted action,” Dale wrote in the email.

“In terms of the ‘relationship’ I was never looking for anything long term, more like ‘friends with benefits’ … Really I thought you were hot and was sure you’d be a rocket in the sack, which I think you would be.”

Disgusted by Dale’s advances, Bashari proceeded to forward the email to her “single friends”, using the subject line “LOSER Alert”…

Click here to read the whole article

So remember, before you hit that SEND button, ask yourself: Would I want to read this in the newspaper tomorrow morning?

Ciao ciao

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