I just watched the best customer service story ever, and I want to share it with you:

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This highlights what we could ALL be doing:

  • being proactive
  • DO something when we get someone’s contact details
  • but don’t be PUSHY, just be friendly
  • don’t just leave it one point of contact – why else might you contact them again?
  • perhaps to share some tips or info which you know they might be interested in?
  • give it some thought – how can YOU stand out from the crowd?
  • what can YOU do which won’t take hardly any time or money, but will be REMEMBERED forever?
  • think outside the box
  • can you come up with something to benefit those in whom you’ve shared details?

I heard another story a few years ago which also fits into the “Best Customer Service story” about a family-run Motel in a small country town.

There were other motels, but this one got repeat business every day of the year, by doing one small thing which was perceived as HUGE by the folks who stayed there, and why they always remembered this place.

Because this place was out in the country, vehicles were mostly pretty dirty and dusty by the time they got to the motel.

No matter how late people booked in at night, the owner and his son were up at daybreak every day with buckets of warm soapy water and they WASHED EVERY CAR parked outside every room of the motel.  They left a postcard on the driver’s window so when the driver came to get in the car and leave, they saw the postcard and either put it in their pocket or left it in the car.

The postcard had a big thank you printed on it with a message to say something along the lines of “we hope your nice clean car helps to get you safely to your next stop”, and their names and room number had been handwritten – a real personal touch.

The motel owners had the address of everyone who stayed with them, so they sent off Christmas cards every year, with a reminder of the date and room their guests stayed in.

When I heard this story, I knew it had several very powerful messages in it – what do you think and feel about your business after reading this?

In these days of instant email contact, it’s even easier to stay in touch with folks with a little reminder, just in case they’re heading in your direction again in 3 months, 8 months, 2 years.

The cost of these small touches is so small, yes has a profound effect on the motel guests, and they never forget their stay. The repeat business kept the motel affloat when other motels were still scratching their head and spending way too money on local and yellow pages advertising. Remember that old saying which is something like “it’s easier to get a customer to spend a second time, than to try to find new customers”? I might have that embroidered on something as a reminder icon smile  Best Customer Service story EVER

What can YOU do to come up with a really cool idea like this?

Or are you already doing something terrific to stay in touch? If you’ve got a story about the “Best Customer Service story” you’ve got to tell, I’d love to hear it icon smile  Best Customer Service story EVER

Ciao for now,


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