Do you tremor when you hear the phrase ‘marketing your business’?

Do you shrink back in fear and trepidation? shy away from networking groups?

Start sweating profusely when you try to force yourself to make cheerful ‘catch up’ calls with clients and potential clients?

Well, I’ve got a tip for you. Shhhhhh! Just between us … come closer, no – even closer … ready to hear what it is? You’ll be relieved, I promise!

Here it is. Stop doing all those things that make you nervous and uncomfortable!

Phew – feel better now I got THAT off my chest. [Sighhhh]

Oh. You thought I meant NEVER do any marketing ever again?

Oh no, no, no – that’s not what I meant. icon smile Blog :: Marketing

What I actually meant was, stop doing the kind of marketing you DON’T like, and start doing the marketing you DO like!

How easy is that?

  • If you’re great on the phone, make weekly, fortnightly calls to potentials and clients.
  • If you’re great in groups, attend all the networking events to be recognized and hand out biz cards.
  • If you’re an email whiz, do all your contact by email.

But what if there’s an even easier solution?

What about A BLOG?? That’s right, a blog where you can write every day or so, just a paragraph or two, to update your clients and potentials on what’s happening at your ‘ranch’ [or office etc].

I know, I know – now you’re wondering, “What on earth will I write???!”

But I bet if you look at your daily diary and just go over the day’s events, you’ll be amazed at how many very suitable topics can be put in a blog entry. Got a new contract for a great project? Bought fantastic new equipment to upgrade your services? Employed new staff, or learnt new skills, to better help your clients? Each of these things is a great topic for a blog.

What happened in the news today in your industry?

Making reference to one or more news stories [and link to them] will show your clients you’re up-to-speed on your industry news, which builds confidence in your capabilities.

Any conferences or events which might interest clients?

Search google for info on relevant events, even if you have global visitors – there’ll be a client who will be really pleased they heard about a conference on your blog.

Have a newsletter sign up page on your website because …

if you have a newsy blog, you can put links to all the interesting blog posts [and comments] over the past few weeks, which means you won’t have to search for info for your newsletter anymore [no doubt at the very last minute].

So, get started today – go to the home page and sign up – it’ll take about 2.75 minutes – I promise. icon smile Blog :: Marketing


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