blogger snapshot Blogger : getting the most out of itOne of my clients contacted me today to say she really liked one of my blogs [HumbleApostrophe] and that she uses the same template.

My client was very impressed by all the coloured fonts I use and asked how she could do the same thing. She said HER blogger software didn’t allow any WYSIWYG changes.

I was confused, but I gave her a basic instruction about Blogger and said that when you Create a New Post, you have a text box to type in. This text box can be viewed in two modes:

  • Edit HTML, and
  • Compose
  • ok – 3 modes – yes it also has Preview mode icon smile Blogger : getting the most out of it

I mentioned that when you type in ‘Compose’ mode you see the WYSIWYG editor [What You See Is What You Get], so she’ll be able to highlight the text and make it bold or coloured.

She laughed out loud and so did I when she told me the joke – for months she’s been typing in ‘Edit HTML’ mode and didn’t notice the two ‘tabs’ to switch from one to the other.

Ahhhhh, just goes to show – if you ask the right question, you might just get the right answer. One happy customer. Remember to take the time and be patient, work out what your client’s question is, just in case they don’t know what the right one is.

Happy blogging!

PS – check out one of my client’s blogs which is already using colour to make a very attractive and informative blog.

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