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Helping others is my goal, with my 20 years in the IT industry, 10 years providing online solutions including websites, video marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimisation (optimization), plus tips, tools, Courses & DVDs ... I'd love to help you too :-)

Finally got Broadband & I’m in love!

Tweet OMG I can’t believe I put up with my Unwired internet access for so long!From date of phone call to Optus and signing up for new broadband + cellphone/mobile + land line, it’s taken 2 weeks for modem delivery and setup.I got my cellphone SIM within 2 days, landline was switched over pretty much...

33 Top Website Tips

Tweet A week ago I launched my new video series – 33 Top WebsiteTips – and am really pleased with its progress. There is no cost to sign up to receive the daily 4 minute videos, and the feedback I’m getting is fabulous! So many webmasters are finding these simple tips are helping them tweak...

Comparison – Blogger v WordPress

Tweet Just read a fabulous blog post about comparisons between Blogger and WordPress.It lays it out in a really easy-to-understand way, and I actually learnt a couple of good tips.Both programs have good and bad points (in my humble opionion) and there’s definitely room for both.If you’ve been trying to decide which one to go...

7 Steps to Market Your New Website

Tweet I received an enquiry via my website this week, asking me how to start getting visitors and sign-ups for a brand new website. This is a preview of 7 Steps to Market Your New Website. Read the full post (782 words, 2 images, estimated 3:08 mins reading time)

Google Alerts save my bacon

Tweet I know, I know – I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it … I love Google Alerts! http://www.google.com/alerts Just this week I got an alert for one of my domains, which was evidently appearing on some unscrupulous website, which has the dubious honour of announcing when domains are about to expire....

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