These are a few things which have helped me get traffic – maybe they'll help you too:

In order to check how much traffic you have, you need to have website statistics set up (in your hosting account or using additional stats like


30 mins per day – Yahoo Answers

  • create a account, which matches your website/keyword name
  • each day you need to answer a couple of questions @ Yahoo
  • each answer will have a link back to different pages on your website/blog
  • answer questions in a friendly helpful manner so people who like what you write will be tempted to click the link and visit your site
  • if you can answer 3-5 questions per day, and do this for a month, your traffic will increase – IF your answers are good and not pushy
  • the benefit of answering Yahoo questions is that the Yahoo Answer site is copied and distributed for all the other country Yahoo sites, like Yahoo USA questions/answers will be duplicated and appear on Yahoo Australia, Yahoo UK, etc etc
  • answering questions should take you no more than about 30 minutes (or less, if you get good at it)


30 mins per day : Create lists of Top Tips – 5, 7, 10, 13 etc

On Day #01:

  • brainstorm 5 things you could share about your keyword topic
  • write one sentence to go with each of the 5 tips
  • on a new sheet of paper (or onscreen) expand each tip into a paragraph of 3-4 sentences
  • on another new sheet of paper (or onscreen) expand each tip 3-4 paragraphs i.e. half a page

Repeat on Day 3 and 5

After 5 days you will have 15 Top Tips on your niche, and 7.5 pages of content.


This content can be turned into :

  • a PDF
  • an autoresponder series which people can sign up for on your website/blog
  • a White Paper for people to download from your website/blog
  • your URL must appear on every page which is turned into a PDF, White Paper


Keep your content fresh and the search engine robots will keep coming back to see what all the activity is icon smile Checklist   Increasing Traffic to your Website or blog

This means you need to add something to your site every single day (well, at least Mon – Fri), whether it's a blog post, a youtube video, some tips, questions i.e. Q&A, or a tweak of some kind.

You can get plenty of ideas from Yahoo Answers, and your Google Reader searches.


Every time you create a new blog post:

Step 1 – Create an account at Propeller:

  • paste the link into
  • this creates a backlink from a high Page Rank site

Step 2 – Create an account at :

  1. set up your Twitter name, your Facebook name, your Youtube account name, and any others you have
  2. Start a new email – Copy the Subject of your new webpage or blogppost into the Subject line
  3. copy the full url of the new webpage/post into the email (do not shorten the url)
  4. Type or copy a brief intro, paste into the email
  5. copy the URL of a photo on your webpage/post (you do have a photo on every page don't you?)
  6. check to make sure your 'send name' is for the right email account (if you have more than one)
  7. send the email to
  8. check your Twitter account and blog in a few minutes and see how easy it was to send off the Annoucement to two places with ease
  9. imagine how cool it would be to send this off to more places like Delicious, WordPress etc.


By writing one blog post or one webpage, it now appears:

  • on your blog/website (where you originally wrote it)
  • on Twitter
  • on your Posterous blog
  • on your Blogger Blog

This is extremely powerful! Gives your new blog post/webpage more credibility straight away, as other places now have links back to your original post.

After a few days you can check your statistics on, login and click MANAGE menu link.


Using Twitter the right way

The overall idea of twitter is COMMUNITY.

You'll be:

  • Following people who write tweets about things which interest you
  • retweeting (like repeat) things they say, to share their info with anyone who might be following you
  • providing interesting links which you think might interest others
  • providing links back to your own site – but not so many that you overwhelm anyone who's following you


Extras suggestions:

Find 5 high profile blogs who write about your theme, and comment on one of their blog posts, this will give you 5 linkbacks and hopefully some people will click.

Set up an alert for your keyword, for example : celebrity + keyword.

You'll get notified about any celebrity with that issue, and then write about them on your site, using the keyword throughout your post, and name an image with the celebrity name and keywords.


OK, that's enough for one post icon smile Checklist   Increasing Traffic to your Website or blog

I hope you've enjoyed these tips – let me know what you think.

Teena Hughes

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