eudora 125x125 3 Computers : Just upgraded and installed EudoraPhew! I’m a happy camper … I have successfully installed the latest version of Eudora for my new Mac OS X, and after a bit of hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing, I managed to view all my email I’d copied over from the old version of Eudora.


With the new ‘puter, Eudora, and a connection to the internet, I’m cooking with gas!

[PS - wonder what the origin of THAT phrase is??]

So now I have to work out a few other bits of software to download / upgrade, and I’m on my way to being organised with the new computer.

[PS - I've been using Eudora for years, they have over 18 million users!]

The best bit is they have 3 levels of software, and the free version is the same as the top level one, with the small exception of an “ad box” appearing on the user’s computer when they have email open. that’s it! Coudn’t find better value than that.

Here’s part of their description:

Eudora now is licensed in three ways — Sponsored mode, Paid mode and Light

I use Eudora like a database – I only delete spam emails, and keep everything else. I can search with two keeps and find anything in the blink of an eye – and I have maybe 42,000 emails on my computer.

Gotta run! I’m burning more files to cd to transfer over!

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