emac white Computers : Pulled me screaming into OS X!Yes, I finally did it – I upgraded my Mac laptop [Silence of the Lime] to give it a new brother [or sister], the eMac, which has more disk space than my apartment, which goes much faster than my car, and which I can drool over every day for a long, long time.

Why was I so reluctant?

Short and simple, it was the operating system. Macs have had to upgrade system software so infrequently, that the new OS X is a HUGE improvement [and therefore change] on my old System 9. I didn’t want change. icon surprised Computers : Pulled me screaming into OS X! (

silence of the lime Computers : Pulled me screaming into OS X!Oh sure, I’ve used other OS X Macs over the past couple of years, but I didn’t want the hassle of upgrading all my software, copying all my files, settings, etc etc etc.

And who said I’m not a creature of habit?

Well over the weekend, I did it. The new eMac is side-by-side with my Lime iBook, and they each have a different operating system. Oh it’s wonderful! The speed of the new one is amazing at the speed of light [well, that's what it feels like to me!], and now I’ll want all kinds of new software … sighhhh.

Stay tuned as I get it organised, and follow the daily process with me.

Have to dash, I want to go surf the internet at breakneck speed!

Ciao ciao,
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