beware.0 "Domain Registry of America" ScamIt’s been a while since I received one of these scam ‘invoices’ but lo and behold I received one in the post today for a domain name I registered for a client in February. That’s only 6 months ago.

This company – Domain Name Registry of America [] – sends an Invoice at double, triple, quadruple the price you may have paid to buy a domain name, and their invoice looks like your website’s domain is DUE FOR RENEWAL now.

It’s not – they do this about 6 months after you buy a domain name – but a lot of these invoices either go to companies who forward the mail to their accounting department [where it slips under the radar and gets paid], or to individuals who may not understand [or forget] they don’t have to pay again – for at least 6 months.

In the past two years I’ve had two clients fall prey to this sneaky devious underhanded company, both paid their exorbitant prices, much to their horror when they found out.

In the Invoice from this disreputable company they do state the real expiry date, but pepper their text with phrases like ‘Act today!’

Beware of this company! They have also performed these scam tactics via email for several years, and also represent themselves as ‘Domain Name Registry of Canada’. It depends on the domain name you purchase, if it is, they send a reply envelope with an Australian address; if it’s .com or .ca, they send address for you to send your payment to the USA or Canada.

The fact that I’m in Australia and my clients were in UK and USA doesn’t deter them. Everyone is ‘fair game’. I guess they figure if they send out thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of invoices, there will be a percentage of people who’ll cough up the money. Don’t let it be you.

[They even sneakily included an envelope with a return address in my country - sneaky buggers.]

Read your invoices and all documents you receive about your domain name very carefully – whether by mail or email – and if in doubt, ask a friend or your hosting company to clarify the document you’ve received.

You can read about this on other blogs – check out I.T. Vibe’s site which says:

Back in December, the Federal Trade Commission imposed a ruling stating that a firm called Domain Registry of America were to stop misrepresentation.

Domain Registry of America were using a somewhat underhand tactic in an effort to get sales.

Another article can be seen here at, with a copy of the actual letter received:

The issue is: it’s a scam. There is no need for me to renew now, and certainly not with DRoA. I know exactly who manages my domains and I am quite happy with them. But I can imagine this trick works quite well with people who have no clue how DNS works, or in accounting departments of companies. These guys have been fooling people since at least 2002, as the Domain Registry of America, of Canada, of Europe and of Australia. Who’s behind it? [click here to read more]

Other mentions of the scam:

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t think this is a scam, ask yourself why ANY company would contact someone else’s clients with an INVOICE half way through a contract. Check with the company name and the word ‘scam’. Enough said.


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