In this edition of Your Biz Hot Tips, I show you Part 2 of Absolutely Easy Simple SEO

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Today’s tip is Part 2 of “Easy Simple SEO“, which is a very simple way to create pages and blog posts on your website without knowing anything about SEO. No technical stuff to learn, no complex formulas to follow, no keyword research. If you’d like to read more, you can read Easy Simple SEO Part 1 and Easy Simple SEO Part 2 and and Easy Simple SEO Part 3.


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Easy Simple seo Infographic (by Teena Hughes):

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Transcript of Easy Simple SEO Video – Part 2

CREATE one main FAQ  or Q&A page

  • FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q&A = Questions & Answers

The URL/page link should be:

  • frequently-asked-questions.html
  • or
  • questions-and-answers.html

LIST- Create a List of Questions

For example:

  • “how to” or “how do I” questions
  • number each one
  • create a new page for each question
  • the URL/page link should be like:
    • how-do-I-wash-my-dog.html

On EACH “how do I” page, make sure you have:

  • the TITLE / heading should match URL
    • e.g. How Do I Wash My Dog
    • this is the main H1/Heading 1
    • the Answer can be H2/Heading
    • for example: Answer to: “How do I wash my dog?”

WRITE at least :

  1. one paragraph for the QUESTION and
  2. one paragraph (preferably more) for the ANSWER – create a little story for folks to resonate with

ADD a photo for IMAGE SEO

  • name the photo to match the Question, for example:
    • how-do-i-wash-my-dog.jpg
  • ADD Description and ALT TAG to image, for example:
    • ALT=”How do I wash my dog? The best answer (image)”.
    • Description+”Have you asked, ‘How do I wash my dog?’ You’ve landed on the right page, let me help you icon smile Easy Simple SEO Part 2


If you know how to make quick videos, create ONE for EACH QUESTION & ANSWER

  • short & sweet is easiest and best
  • upload to Youtube
  • add to your web page
  • follow the Youtube video SEO procedures.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these “Easy Simple SEO Part 2″ tips, you might like to sign up for more on my site. or read more SEO tips

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