In this edition of Your Biz Hot Tips, I show you Part 3 of Absolutely Easy Simple SEO

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If you haven’t seen the first two videos on how to use Easy Simple SEO for your website or blog, here are the links – Easy Simple SEO Part 1 and Easy Simple SEO Part 2. My idea is to show people the absolutely easiest way to do SEO by creating content (starting with website pages and blog posts) by using the questions you are asked by potential customers.

In today’s video, I’ll show you some of the easiest ways to get links coming to your site (called “backlinks”) which tell the search engines that your website is worth visiting. If you’re wondering what backlinks have to do with SEO, they are part of the “off page SEO” which is required to make sure your website or blog is recognized by the search engines.

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If you search for “how to” information on search engines for “backlinks”, you’ll no doubt be overwhelmed by the sheer number of ways to get them, create them, buy them, pay someone to make them for you. Some of these methods are good (known as “White Hat” or good techniques) and others are bad (known as “Black Hat” or bad techniques).

I will only show you White Hat techniques as none of us want to get banned from any major search engines, do we?

OK, here we go – some simple tips on how to use backlinks for easy simple SEO

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  1. if you have a Newsletter for your site, and you use my favourite newsletter software (Aweber), a new ‘page’ is created online on your Aweber account every time one is published (here’s the link for this one page you’re reading). What this means is that if you put juicy links to your website pages or blog posts WITHIN the newsletter, they’ll also appear on the Aweber version of your newsletter. Free backlinks, and you didn’t have to lift a finger icon smile Easy Simple SEO Part 3
  2. if you write a Press Release about something to do with your website or blog, you will usually be able to add two links to a website – so this is where you can add links to two different pages. The Press Release should always have a corresponding page which you’ve written on your website or blog, so one link should go to that page. The second link could be to your Newsletter sign-up page – or any other page or post of your choice. Again, you didn’t have to do anything “extra” – by publishing a Press Release (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) you are creating links back to your website
  3. you have probably heard about “article marketing” and how this is a great way to get traffic. Well, yes and no. I suggest that instead of thinking about “traffic”, think about “backlinks” instead. If you don’t know how to get started with writing an article, use my little tip – come up with 5 or 7 or 10 (or whatever) tips about something to do with your product or service; if the tips will help SOLVE A PROBLEM – all the better!  You will usually be able to add two links to a website (this differs from article site to article site), so if you have two links allowed – create a corresponding page on your website or blog (where you also post the contents of the Article) — so one link should go to that page. The second link could be to your Newsletter sign-up page, or something else you’d like to provide as an “answer to a question or problem” – or any other page or post of your choice. Again, you didn’t have to do anything “extra” – by publishing an Article (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) you are creating links back to your website.
  4. if you’ve ever read a book, then you’re in for a treat with this tip! Make sure it’s a book related to your website or blog, then go find that book on (or any other book distributor online). Scroll to the bottom of the page and search for “Review” – you’ll find a place where you can provide a review of the book, saying what you liked or disliked etc, and guess what? You’ll be able to put a link back to a page on your site – easy peasy! In fact, I would actually create a new page or post on your own site, write the review there as well, then link BACK to that page from the book website. If you’ve got an Amazon affiliate account, you could even add the book’s link to your page, and maybe make some money if someone chooses to buy it. (You might make a few cents per book, depending on the price, but your main goal is to get a backlink, so focus on that first.)

These are hundreds of possible ways to get links back to your website and blog pages, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much info. If you’ve enjoyed these tips on my Easy Simple SEO, do share this info by Tweeting, on Facebook, Google + etc – many thanks in advance!



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