In the past 2 days I’ve sent off two emails to different people in different parts of the world, and have received responses which made me laugh.

Both responses said something along the lines of, “You can’t email me unless you sign up and I approve you.”

All this is done in an effort to remove spam email.

Oh yes, I’m sure it does.

What this means is that both of these people have set them selves up with some kind of spam filtering software on their email accounts. In order to receive ANY email, the Sender must be *approved* by the Receiver.

So – I am the Sender of the email – and I will have to sign up and be approved by the Receiver.

Sorry – but I just don’t have time for this in my busy day!

This barrier to someone else receiving my emails is a pain in the buttski – it means that other non-spam legitimate, good, interesting email just won’t get through … unless everyone signs up the the email filtering software.

Did I sign up with either of these people?


One of them was being complimented by me on a beautiful website. Well, that’s one compliment she’ll never see – unfortunately. And I will probably have no need to write to her in the future, so to go through the process of having my email name *accepted* by her software is tedious at the least. So I didn’t.

The other email I sent was an answer to an enquiry via MY website, which I promptly responded to, only to be told to “sign up or else”.

I find it hard to imagine there are people who run their lives or businesses this way. There are other more effective ways of eliminating spam, none of which require you to *approve* every single person who tries to contact you via email.

Ok, I’m jumping down off the soapbox … to go and read some spam mail.

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