You’ve probably heard me mention [once or twice] that it is a great idea to have free downloadable PDFs on your website.

The benefits of this are many:

  • web visitors love freebies
  • PDF has all your contact details on every page
  • PDF might get emailed to friends/associates
  • PDF can’t be changed
  • giving freebies encourages web visitors to return to your site.

All of this is true, is good stuff, and works marvellously! Take it from me, I’ve tried it over and over, and it works well every time.

Today I came across a wealth of information available on a website – I had to give them my email address before I could get to the download list, and I was happy to do that.

I accessed 7 well-named PDF and downloaded each one. [I closed the browser window showing that website as I had no need of it right then.]

I made a coffee, came back to my desk, got settled, opened the first pdf … and was SHOCKED beyond belief! The company had created a great PDF related to their business, of much benefit to their potential clients and websites visitors … and they forgot to put their business name and website name anywhere in the document!

There was no header or footer, nothing to connect this PDF to them at all. What a waste! What a shame!

Ensuring your business name, website name and contact details are on every page of every PDF you create is absolutely necessary – but so easy to forget to do.

Let this be a lesson … don’t let your potential clients end up with PDFs chock full of great info … and then forget to give them a way to contact you again. Remember, those PDFs might remain unread for days or weeks, then the web visitor will not have a clue where they downloaded them from.

Learn by this mistake – check your PDFs today!


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