I know, I know – I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it … I love Google Alerts!


Just this week I got an alert for one of my domains, which was evidently appearing on some unscrupulous website, which has the dubious honour of announcing when domains are about to expire.

Luckily for me I had already renewed the domain the day before, but for others it could have meant their domain was sold the SECOND it became available.

The fact that Google Alerts sends me lots of emails for all the ‘alerts’ I’ve set up for domain names, product names, my name, competitor names, services etc, is so cool. Totally automated and all I have to do is read the emails when they arrive. I quickly scan the description for each link and only visit those sites I really need to.

I like to remind my clients that if they buy a domain ANYWHERE, make sure you update your email address on the domain profile so that when it’s renewal time, they’ll get their renewal announcement in plenty of time.

I had a client recently who contacted me in tears – she’d bought her domain from one company and hosted it with my company, which is quite normal.

In the ensuing year, she had changed her email name and stopped using her old email name – that’s right, the one she used when she bought her domain name. My client never went back to the domain registrar to update her profile with her new email name, so never received the renewal emails.

By the time she contacted me, her domain wasn’t working, her website was off the air, and she was distraught. I sorted it out for her, but there was a price.

It cost her $US70.00 to get her domain out of redemption, and she had to then pay the annual fee which was only $US12.99. High price to pay though, don’t you think? $70? The domain had fallen into the ‘redemption’ phase and would soon be available for ANYONE to snap it up and buy it.

The story ends well, but it was a very expensive mistake, and it could have been avoided so easily.

Do YOU have a domain or two which you haven’t updated lately? Go visit them today and make sure your contact email name is current.

Have a great week,

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