When Matt Cutts gives tips to small business owners, we should all listen

www.reachd.com Rodney Bartlett interviews Google’s Matt Cutts at Pubcon 2007 in Las Vegas. Matt had some excellent tips for small business owners and answered a few great questions.

Teena says:

This video created in 2007 introduces Matt Cutts as the head of WEB SPAM in Google, looking at new algorithms to stop the cheaters.

About WordPress, Matt says:

  • blogging, web blog, website, diary, open source, free, ton of plugins
  • WP 2.3 – software which deals with the duplicate content, in regard to removing unnecessary version of the same website content
  • write for the readers, don’t write for the search engines
  • big tip – think about what the viewer is going to type – think of those keywords, eg usb drive, thumb drive, flash drive – you need to have all versions of same item on your page
  • offer a useful service – not a brochure site – language competitor, had a mini tutorial, compelling information, not just ‘read this, read that!’
  • Matt says, “don’t be scared!” Visit free resources online http://google.com/webmasters will give you stats of ALL kind – don’t STOP search engines from crawling
  • the sitemap is VERY IMPORTANT on your site, whenever the site is updated, the robots might come sniffing again soon icon smile Googles Matt Cutts gives tips to small business owners
  • about video – indexing, where to post etc, how to make sure it gets found; put on Youtube, long videos can go on Google video, transcript is essential, add the transcript to the description, upload it with the video
  • excellent video tips! I highly recommend this video even though it’s a few years old as the information (apart from Google Buzz) is still very relevant today.

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