xmas Holiday Season Ideas
I’ve been reading a lot these past weeks on different ways to capture your clients’ and newsletter subscribers’ attention with the upcoming holiday season, and I’ll share a couple with you here:

=> IDEA #1 : Offer gift certificates for your products and services, to keep your ‘return rate’ low Whether you’re selling services or products, Gift Certificates are a great idea. Your shoppers will be buying:

  • gift certificate Holiday Season Ideasa terrific gift for THEIR client [or staff or family]
  • of a specific value
  • with an expiry date [don't make this too long - aim for 3-6 months]

Set up your online payment system so they get a downloadable Gift Certificate:

  • immediately emailed after the payment goes through
  • ready to print within minutes of receipt of the email.

All you have to do is :

  • create a couple of Gift Certificates
  • have different value depending on your product/service prices
  • upload them to your website
  • set up your payment-received email to provide the link for download
  • easy!
  • if you’re too busy, get someone to help you do this.


  • Your clients will receive your Newsletter and think, ‘What a great idea! I can have this as a gift in minutes from now!’
  • The chance of this gift being returned is practically zero – a win-win for you both.

=> IDEA #2 : Add something to your website home page to acknowledge the Holiday Season is just around the corner … This lets your clients and website visitors know your website is not stale or static, and that you’re thinking of them. 8th birthday Holiday Season IdeasHave you ever noticed how Google.com always adds a little cartoon to their logo on special days? This is a fantastic idea – not suited to EVERY website – but it lets us all know that the folks at google are paying attention to what’s going on. To check out Google’s selection of logos, click here. I’ve included one for their birthday in September 2006 – very clever.

Now – put on your thinking caps and see what you can come up with!


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