“WordPress error 404 affects entire website!”

Yes, it happened to me today, and I’m here to tell the tale …

This morning I added a new plugin to one of my WordPress sites, and was happily adding information.

I had an errand to run and came back a few hours later, clicked the open page … and was MORTIFIED to see a WORDPRESS ERROR 404 page!!

wordpress error 404 How do I fix a Wordpress error 404?

I decided I had two choices:

  1. PANIC!!!!!  FREAK OUT!!!!!
  2. or remain calm (& wish it wasn’t too early for cocktail hour) and do some research.

First of all I went to the Forum for the new Plugin, and posted a HELP message, then saw an email to contact the Developer so I wrote to him too, for good measure -)

While I was waiting for a response (and who knows how long that will take, it’s afternoon in Sydney and they might be in UK or USA etc),  I popped over to Google and did a quick search for “WordPress error 404“.

Pretty quickly I discovered this had happened to others, so I read a few of the posts and forum comments, until I read one which simply said, “Contact your hosting company FIRST to see if they’ve been working on the server.”

I’m not sure why, but that made the most sense. I got onto Live Chat with a technician, told him my story, and waited patiently while he had a look at my site.

While this was going on I was totally amazed to hear back from the developer (via his iPhone – what excellent customer service for a free plugin!). He made a few recommendations on how to uninstall the plugin so I told him I was online with a technician.

SOLVED! WordPress error 404

I got a ding (noise) from the Live Chat and hey presto! The techie guy had found the problem!

I asked him to tell me exactly how he fixed it so I would know if this ever happened again to me or one of my clients.

Basically, it was a SPACEBAR at the start of the .htaccess file – and no, I hadn’t been tinkering in there icon smile How do I fix a Wordpress error 404?

wordpress error 404 solved love my computer How do I fix a Wordpress error 404?

This little episode took less than an hour altogether, and it got me thinking … how AMAZING is this?! Anyone on the planet can search online for help (if they look in the right places), ask for help, and receive help – quite often without ever knowing the other person, or signing up for anything, or being locked into any support agreement etc.

The world is an amazing place and the internet allows miracles like this to happen, so fast, so easily, with great results! The Gods were looking down and waving their Happy Magic Wand at me today, that’s for sure icon smile How do I fix a Wordpress error 404?

So if you ever have a WordPress error 404, I hope this post gives you hope, and it might point you in a direction you can try for yourself – good luck!

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