In this edition of Your Biz Hot Tips, I show you how to do Absolutely Easy Simple SEO

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Forget learning about researching keywords, trends, search volumes and which ones bring the most traffic – let’s start with the simplest SEO lesson you’ll ever find.

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Easy Simple SEO Part 1 – Video:

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Here’s the transcript of the Simple SEO video:

  1. The absolutely simplest way to understand simple SEO with Teena Hughes
  2. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation (or Optimzation) depending on which side of the “pond” you’re on
  3. So, SEO means, “Which words will someone search for?” The words people search for are known as KEYWORDS.
  4. Searching for a string of words in a row is called a ‘long-tail keyword’ phrase
  5. If someone wanted to find you online, your product or service, what WORDS would they type?
  6. More and more people are typing QUESTIONS as a search – so what are those questions?
  7. If you own a shoe store, some searches might be:
    • where can I find red sandals in san francisco?
    • how much are red sandals in melbourne?
    • where can I find large red sandals in athens?
      • Starting to get the picture? The SEO searches have more than two or three (2 or 3) words in them – these are LONG-TAIL KEYWORD PHRASES and THIS is how you can start adding simple SEO to your website. Type QUESTIONS people are searching for.
  8. If you had a site about dog training you might ask these questions:
    • how do I stop my german shepherd biting?
    • how do I train my labrador to shake hands?
    • what can I do to stop my dog from barking?
      • So now you might be starting to see how important it is to use QUESTIONS and ANSWERS on your website …
  9. If you had a site about tap-dancing monkeys you might ask these questions:
    • how do I get my monkey to wear a tutu
    • how do I train my monkey to smile
    • what can I do to stop my monkey from running around in class wearing tap shoes?
      • I included these questions above just in case you know someone with a tap-dancing monkey icon smile How to do Absolutely Easy Simple SEO
  10. If you had ANSWERS to these QUESTIONS on your website or blog, chances are those pages will APPEAR IN THE SEARCH RESULTS when someone types a similar question into a search engine. Now that sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?
  11. Many people will tell you how to: SEARCH for the best keywords USE the best keyword search tools FIND keywords with the BEST TRAFFIC CALCULATE how strong the keywords are. Forget all of that for now. The bottom line is, you CAN learn many SEO tactics, but I highly recommend STARTING SIMPLE, and doing something EASY – simple SEO is a great place to start.
  12. Over the next few days: WRITE DOWN as many questions as you can think of that people have asked about your products and services (check your email for ideas from questions via your website) PLAN to write a page or post about EACH question ADD these pages or posts to your website or blog.
  13. Don’t overdo it. Start SIMPLE. Try with 3-5 QUESTIONS. Write the Question at the top of the page now write 3-5 paragraphs ABOUT that question, as an ANSWER. Feel proud that you’ve added NEW JUICY CONTENT to your site, which people will be searching for.
  14. That’s your homework for today icon smile How to do Absolutely Easy Simple SEO  In the next Simple SEO video, I’ll show you HOW to turn those QUESTIONS (those long-tail keyword phrases) into juicy SEO food for search engine robots.
  15. See you in the next SIMPLE SEO video!

Cheerio from Teena Hughes

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I hope you enjoyed this quick video about Absolutely Easy Simple SEO


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