I’ve recently been asked by different people how to drive traffic to an online store

drive traffic to an online store shopping cart icon 200w How to drive traffic to an online store?The truth is that there are some clever techniques to be used to increase traffic to product pages, and there are also tried and true techniques which can be used for any kind of a website.

When Sally approached me recently for help with getting traffic to her online store, I created the following tips and techniques for her, which I’ll share with you here:

Phase 1 – “must have” pages on your Store

When you build a website you need

  • customers & clients – who need to know you’re legitimate – they have to see some evidence to encourage them to know, like and trust you
  • to be able to engage all the visitors who land on your site – not just your Home page, but any one of your store pages
  • a way to capture their info before they click away to another site; just in case they don’t buy, you need to offer them a reason to sign up and follow you (“Be on my Early Bird List to find out about new items or special prices in advance!” – “Sign up to my list to find out the 10 simplest ways to dispaly your prints so they’ll look gorgeous!” – or something along those lines; offer something which they may have as a “pain point” – if they buy your print, what would be something which they might consider to be tricky or complicated? Can you solve that for them with some free info? Perfect!)
  • another reason to encourage folks to sign up – and this is so that you have another chance with them – they didn’t buy on the first visit, but if you send them interesting, helpful info once or twice a month, they’ll start to ‘know, like and trust’ you; sometimes it might take months before someone buys, but in the meantime you’ve started to build up trust with them, you come across as genuine in your Newsletter and offer lots of great tips; building this rapport is extremely important
  • to make sure you have an About page where you can share your big “passion” for your business – folks want to buy from folks they “like”, so tell them a bit about yourself and what made you want to start your business
  • think about what you feel when you land on someone else’s store – make a note of things which encourage you to like the site or the person – are you providing similar factors on your store?

Phase 2 – creating content – and cleverly re-using or repurposing it

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty – and this works for ALL websites:

  • writing articles can be a great way to get your information out onto the internet, and to encourage people to come visit your site
  • these days many people like to watch short videos, and they can be a very powerful way to allow people to get to know you, hear your voice, and enjoy your tips
  • I suggest to my website clients that they write a list of the 10 most common questions they get asked
  • you should be able to add ‘pages’ or blog posts to your store (or your website – if you have a separate one, so I would recommend you write interesting pages/posts about each of the questions people might ask you)
  • then I’d take the content you wrote for each answer, and turn it into a Powerpoint of OpenOffice Presentation
  • make sure you add a link back to the ONE page on your site or store where you answered the ONE question (this is important) – link to ONE Product Page
  • save each one and upload your slideshow to Slideshow portals and distribution websites where you can post your content for free
  • save the Presentation as a PDF and upload to PDF portals and distribution websites where you can post your content for free
  • save the Presentations as a video and upload to Youtube and other video portals and distribution websites for sharing videos.

Each piece of Content you create needs to have a compelling statement to encourage people to pop over to your store and sign up for your fabulous tips / newsletter.

The more pieces of content you distribute online like this, the more pairs of eyes will get to read about your cool store – and hopefully come visit.

Phase 3 – capturing the imagination with each Product Page

Online stores have products to display, and there are zillions of stores online.

To differentiate yours from the pack, do something different – and take a leaf out of Zappos’ book (the huge, famous online shoe store). They create one video for every product in their store (there are thousands of them – it’s a shoe store), so that the viewer has an intimate glimpse into what the the shoes/boots look like when held by a staff member while they talk about them, and show them from every angle.

Think of this — people want to hear “stories” and want “solutions” to problems. If you create a short “story” around every item in a store, you’ll grab the attention and capture the imagination of your website visitor.

  • if you have a jewellery store, take videos of the piece of jewellery in your hands (or others’ hands) so that the viewer can see the size, shape etc in “real life” while you talk about the metals, stones, colours, etc
  • create at least one video per piece of jewellery, one for each product page
  • if you have a scarf store, take videos of someone trying on the scarves and tying them different ways
  • create at least one video per piece of scarf, one for each product page
  • if you are an artist with an online store, take videos of close-ups of the detailing on works of art, of the styles and techniques you use, to create a “story” about each work of art
  • create at least one video per work of art, one for each product page
  • if you have a clothing store, take videos of close-ups of the detailing on the pieces of clothing, of the accessories you might pair with the garment, of how the garment looks
  • create at least one video per piece of clothing, one for each product page
  • if you have a retail store of any kind, take videos of your products and talk about them, how they solve a problem or provide a solution, make them interesting
  • create at least one video per product, one for each product page
  • if you have real estate store online (yes these can be classed as “stores” too) or any other type of product, make videos to show the features, the highlights, the wonderful aspects
  • create at least one video per property or product, one for each product page
  • if your products are hand-made,consider creating 30 second videos showing you in action while you create – whether it’s jewellery, clothing, designing, artwork etc etc
  • do this no matter what kind of store you have – you will be ahead of your competition and will be able to build a following quickly and easily.

Tips for making the videos

  • remember that each video needs to end with a Call To Action – what would you like the viewer to do now? Sign up for a free sample? Buy the product? Call you?

Work out what’s most important for each video, and ASK – you’ll be amazed how many people will follow your suggestion and recommendation.

Benefits of using my techniques

There are three bonuses

  1. you are distributing your own juicy content and creating excellent items which become “assets” for your business, they will appear all over the internet – the more you upload, the better; the more places you upload to, the better
  2. you are creating a mini network of content peppered all over the internet which have your links pointing back to your store’s pages/products – and this is very important for your SEO
  3. you are sharing your knowledge with people who are beginning to learn about you and your business, and they’re starting to know, like and trust you.

So let’s expand on this – if you write 10 question & answer pages:

  • save each Q&A as a PDF and upload to 5 PDF-sharing sites – that’s 50 links back to your site
  • save each one as a Slideshow and upload to 5 Slideshow-sharing sites – that’s another 50 links back to your site (now total of 100 links)
  • save each one as a video and upload to 5 Video-sharing sites – that’s yet another 50 links back to your site (now total of 150 links back to 10 different pages on your site).

If each website owner/store owner did this to drive traffic to an online store, they’d be ahead of their competition and they will start to get interested traffic back to their site, by people who like what you wrote and want to find out more.

I do hope this makes sense, and if you just try one of these, you will be in total control of taking the most important steps to drive traffic to an online store.

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