Are you wondering how to improve website traffic in 2 hours, 2 days or 2 weeks even?

Here is a little chart to show you how I improved the traffic to one of my relatively small websites today – over a 2 hour period.

This first graph shows the website statistics for the past 30 days, so from 2nd June to 2nd July, 2011.  Please note, this is a SMALL website with a SMALL mailing list and a SMALL following on Facebook & Twitter:

how to improve website traffic in 2 hours 2jun 2july2011 How to improve website traffic in 2 hours


In the image above you’ll notice the graph has a blue section and a green section:

  • green represents Page Loads (pages viewed)
  • blue represents Unique Website Visitors
  • green is always a higher number than blue, because each web visitor visits at least 2 pages (hopefully) unless they didn’t find what they were expecting. If you do your SEO correctly, they’ll know EXACTLY what to expect when they land on the pages you’ve recommended.

This snapshot was taken about 30 minutes after I sent off a Newsletter, and only 11 people had opened the email and 7 had clicked the links within the email newsletter. Not many, I know, but it did go out to about 150 people, and I’ll check back in 24 hrs to see how the open rate goes.

What I wanted to tell you though, was that the Newsletter was the last step in a small series of steps.

Here’s what I did before sending off the Newsletter:

  • opened an email from a new subscriber who asked a question
  • I started to reply, then realised it was a question which many of my subscribers would like the answer for
  • I created a web page, used the question as the URL, the Meta Tag Title, in the Description and in the Keywords (although Google says they don’t read keywords any more in the Keyword tag, the other search engines still do read these keywords)
  • I wrote some quick content around the answer, uploaded some images to the page (named the images with the keywords, and used the keywords in the ALT tags for each keyword)
  • add Category and Tags if your website allows this
  • when the page was ready, I published it to the internet.

Now while I was on this site and thinking what a bad person I am for neglecting it for a few weeks, I decided to create one more new page following the same principles as above, and then I hyperlinked them both to each other and to other internal webpages.

After I did that, the next step was to create a Newsletter and send off the information to everyone. As it turned out, my Newsletter template was looking pretty sad so I decided to choose another one, all of which took time. And then I:

  • created the newsletter around the quesiton which had been asked
  • included links back to the 2 new pages
  • promised that a new newsletter with a quick video would arrive within the week
  • sent a Test email to myself to check all the links, grammar, spelling, images worked OK
  • made changes and sent another Test, approved it
  • and published it.

I posted updates to both the matching Twitter account and Facebook Fan Page account, which also brought some traffic back to the website.

In the graph below are some traffic results on this little website based on the past six months:

how to improve website traffic in 2 hours 2jan 2jul2011 How to improve website traffic in 2 hours

In the image above you can see the tallest green peaks (Page Loads/Pages Viewed) which correspond to sporadic newsletters I’ve sent out. All the green peaks are the number of pages viewed by the unique blue visitors.

1 – Be kind to your website

The first message (tip) I’m trying to share with you is that if you ‘tend’ to your website like a garden, don’t let it wither and die, shower it with new content and tell your followers/subscribers about it, you can increase your traffic often.

This is the bare minimum you should do at least once a week, and of course there are additional techniques I’ll use over the next few days to get these 2 URLs published in other places on the internet.

The more love you give your website, the more love you’ll get back icon smile How to improve website traffic in 2 hours

2 – Use Questions as the perfect content for new pages & Newsletter issues

The second message (tip) I’d like to share with you is that all of this happened from one little question about my website – how many questions do you get about your business, product or service? What if you made a new page for each question you answered, and they became the basis for your upcoming Newsletters? That sounds pretty easy to me icon smile How to improve website traffic in 2 hours

3 – Final Tip!

Make sure there is something for your visitors TO DO when they land on your page:

  • create a CALL TO ACTION
  • ask them to sign up for something, download something, answer a quiz, take part in something on Twitter or Facebook
  • ENGAGE them – make your followers and website visitors your raving fans, and don’t forget to NURTURE THEM AND YOUR WEBSITE for the absolute best results!

If you try any of these tips and techniques, let me know your results for “How to improve website traffic in 2 hours“.

Ciao for now,

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