“How can I use linkwheels to create backlinks?”

Excellent question, let me see if I can answer it in the easiest-to-understand way.

A linkwheel – in internet terms – is a series of other websites (called Web 2 properties) which point back to a main website.

“Why is it important to have linkwheels to create backlinks?”

Creating a linkwheel is a very important step in your SEO strategy, and which can boost your SEO “juice” considerably.  The more back-links you have pointing to your website pages, the better the search engines love it. But not just any old back-links – they’re looking for very good back-links which help prove your site is an “authority” site (which brings you respect from those little search engine robots).

Websites like Posterous, Hubpages, Squidoo, WordPress and many others allow you to publish your own content on their sites as well as allowing you to add your very own back-links.

Picture this:

  • you have a website
  • you create a “supporting” site at Posterous (a Web 2 property), where you create 3 pages about pages on your main website
  • on each of those posts/pages at Posterous, you can also insert a link BACK to the main website page you’re focusing on; cool! 3 backlinks
  • now imagine you create a few more mini sites like Posterous, adding relevant content, and back-links back to your site – excellent! you now have 2 Web 2 mini sites and a series of backlinks
  • imagine you repeat this many times, posting shorter versions of your content, always relevent and providing value, and link each one back to your site
  • now you start to link each Web 3 property to one other – related – Web 2 property
  • before you know it, you’ve created a LINKWHEEL which could end up looking something like this:
 How to use clever linkwheels to create backlinks
Ideally you’ll want to post fresh content on each site, rather than information copied from the main site. This could include:
  • articles
  • images
  • how-to lists
  • videos
  • pdfs
  • slideshows
  • etc.
If you want to create more versions of an article, you can of course use an “article spinner” – software which creates new versions with slightly different words.

Using RSS feeds with linkwheels to create backlinks

Every Web 2 propety you create will probably have its own RSS feed, so you’ll need to publish these feeds across the internet via RSS feed distribution websites like Feedage, Feedagg, and Zimbio.

As you can imagine, creating lots of accounts for Web 2 properties and posting content, then distributing RSS feeds, can be quite time-consuming. Each sign-up might take 5-10 minutes, and if you do 10, 20, 50 or 100, it all adds up to a chunck of your day. If you choose to do more it will probably take you a lot of time over a few days, so I’ve got an inexpensive solution for you — let me do it for you. If you’d rather know when it’s all done rather than doing it yourself, this might be an excellent option.

SEO Linkwheel Building Program

  • Multi-level Website Linkwheel
  • Set up 300 Interconnecting Links
  • Boost the traffic to your site
  • $US64.99 one-off fee

Once you order, I’ll be in touch with more info on an article you’ll need to provide for me to distribute across the internet.


To see my other SEO Solutions, please pop over to my site to learn more:


If you have any questions about using linkwheels to create backlinks, or SEO, let me know and I’ll be happy to walk you through it.

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