Question:  ”Is the same content posted under different TLDs considered content duplication?”

“We are an international company with a similar website in several countries, all in English.”

from Atreyu, Spain

Answer from Matt Cutts on duplicate content and different TLDs

matt cutts google seo guru Is the same content posted under different TLDs a problem?Here is my take on what Matt Cutts explains in the video:

  • If you have the same content which appears on several domains which each END IN DIFFERENT TLDs (Top Level Domains), e.g. .com – – etc, this is perfectly ok.
  • If you’re using sub-domains, it’s considered to be the SAME website, not a DIFFERENT website, so that’s not acceptable.
  • If the websites are all in English, then spelling for each country should be changed, so that “center” is ok on a US website, but would look like “centre” on the same website with or or
  • Currency is also important – changes prices so that the currency matches the TLD.

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