Recently I wrote a post called Bring visitors to your site [where I talked about blogs] and I’d like to expand on that theme.

If you’d like to bring visitors to your blog, it may not be appropriate to write about it on your website, but you can certainly have links to your blog from your site.

I also have an Article Directory attached to my main website, and I write articles and make sure my links are at the bottom of the article – website url [website link], blog url and article url if appropriate.

If you write about different topics or themes, and have more than one website, you can put different urls [links] at the bottom of articles.

I recently wrote an article with the word ‘pantihose’ in the title, which for some reason, brings in lots of clicks and visitors. icon smile Marketing :: Using articles to get website visitors

The article is called My Pantihose have been Googled!

The same article is also about website presentation and making sure each page is ready for visitors, and don’t assume each visitor will come in the ‘front door’ [there are some tips in the article on how to make sure you're covered].

Getting back to writing articles, a lot of people who would like to write think it’s just too hard, and while you think that, it may just be true. What if you decided it wasn’t too hard, and you only had to write one paragraph about something you enjoy in your business? Is that too hard? No? I didn’t think so. icon smile Marketing :: Using articles to get website visitors

Put that paragraph away until tomorrow, then look at it again, and write one more paragraph.

Do this until you have about one page worth of valuable information. That’s an article. It doesn’t have to be hard, it just requires you to write about something you know about, or are passionate about, or want to share. When you’re ready, you can submit your article to a range of article banks – there are a zillion, this is just a small list:

  3. Yahoo Marketing Articles
  4. Yahoo Self-care Articles
  5. All types of articles
  6. Many types of articles
  7. Internet Marketing articles
  8. Many articles
  9. Large variety of categories
  10. Yahoo Business Articles
  11. Many categories
  12. Most articles.

The majority are free to join, so create an account at a couple of these, then the next day go back and add your article. You don’t need to do it all in the one day – you can take it in easy steps.

When you check your website statistics a few days later, you just might be pleasantly surprised to see some visitors from those same article banks where you posted your article. How cool is that?

Try to write one article per month, and you’ll be amazed at how your web visitors will increase in number.

Have fun!

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