I talk with a lot of people about their businesses, and I receive many emails every day. One thing which never ceases to amaze me is the quality of their writing. I don’t want to sound too critical, but I believe that when you’re emailing with a business colleague or consultant, spelling and grammar are important. Maybe you don’t think so, but we are all being judged by our professionalism, and spelling, punctuation and grammar are included.

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I’ve just come across writer Ilja van Roon, who has written a fabulous 90-page ebook on business writing called Capture. Deliver. Excel., and it’s free on his website! Unbelievable!

The book explains how to:

  • apply the 7 principles of business writing
  • develop and execute an effective writing strategy
  • manage the writing process

Ilja introduces his book as follows:

“In my experience, there are two reasons why organisations do not make optimal use of business writing. First of all, most aren’t adjusting quickly enough to the fact that stakeholders are becoming fed up with spin doctoring and corporate doublespeak. Employees, customers and investors are increasingly demanding clear communication and organisations unable to comply run the risk of alienating these crucial allies.

“A second obstacle is that few employees are trained to write about the complex issues that characterise business. Writing is not an arcane form of art, but a skill like leadership that matures with training and experience. Writing talent helps, but good writing is essentially built on thorough preparation and disciplined execution. This means that anyone can learn to write at a reasonable level of proficiency.

“This book aims to improve your writing skills by teaching you how to use the principles of business writing. These principles – focus, purpose, meaning, substance, structure, clarity and humility – have been derived from my work as a journalist, copywriter, corporate communication specialist and business writer. They reflect my experience of what works and my personal views of how business writing should be used within the organisation.”

Sound like you could get something out of it? Why not pop over to his website to read more and then download the ebook. I’d love to hear what you think about it!

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