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Recently I’ve read a few articles about people who have a few social drinks and then get on their computers, to find to their horror the next day they went ‘shopping’ or writing under the influence of alcohol.

For some it’s been humorous, for others, it’s been a nasty shock, and they find they’ve bought or signed up for something they just don’t want. They might have even posted on a blog or forum in the most inappropriate way.

Today in my BuzzWhack email newsletter, the ‘word of the day’ is PUI:

Posting Under the Influence. Posting on blogs or Internet forums while under the influence of any mind-altering substance (usually alcohol). You may have a tinge of regret about a PUI the next day, but you’re going to feel really stupid when it comes up at your next job interview.
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I was chatting to a woman in a shop recently, and she actually confided that she had a Spanish boyfriend last year, and after a night of fun, she logged on and signed up for a Spanish Language Class for a year … broke up with the boyfriend a month later, and couldn’t get out of the language class contract … at $US90 a month! She said she lost her desire to learn Spanish, and tried everything to get out of the contract … a costly mistake made when under the influence. And a monthly reminder, over and over and over.

So next time you’ve had a few drinks in the evening, and get online, think twice before that mouse-click to buy something you may regret in the morning. icon smile PUI : Posting [blogs] Under the Influence


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