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Helping others is my goal, with my 20 years in the IT industry, 10 years providing online solutions including websites, video marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimisation (optimization), plus tips, tools, Courses & DVDs ... I'd love to help you too :-)
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Very sick SEO practice.?

Tweet Hello everyone it’s Arman again. Hope everyone is fine. It looks like you are a little curious about title of my post. By the way I’m from Bangladesh and I love my country a lot. And of course it’s people too but not everyone. Especially those corrupted peoples. Now get to the main point....

SEO Trends – What 2011 Applies for Us?

Tweet Search engine optimization is the organic way of promoting your business at major search engines for the purpose of getting higher ranks. The rate at which businesses are emerging on the World Wide Web is great and same is the demand of having standard web marketing strategies. 2010 has seen strong influence on SEO...

Feedback for Udemy.com

Tweet Can I search the site without having to sign up? I’m only browsing.A: The way around this is to click the Login button when the Sign Up screen appears. You’ll be taken back to the web page which says, “You need to login or signup to continue!“, and can search for a topic via...

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