This week I read an article on by Kim Roach, called “See Your Website Through Your Visitors Eyes” [Kim Roach (c) 2006].

This is something I’ve been telling my own clients about – experience YOUR website as though you’ve NEVER SEEN IT before.

You might get a shock – or be pleasantly surprised – either way you’ll be glad you did.

Kim’s article talks about software which tracks people’s eye movements on websites, and how they scan text [not reading every word] and hop all over the place.

The point is that when you design your website, don’t put TOO MUCH on the page.

Make it EASY for your web visitor to work out WHAT you do or sell, and how to get it if they want it.

This brings to mind the landing page, and I have talked about this before but it’s worth mentioning it again. When someone lands on your website via a search engine link, they could be landing on ANY ONE of your website pages.

Remember that page you started to write a few months ago, then removed its link from the Menu bar, thinking you’d get back to it when you got time?

Well, it’s been googled, and people are now landing on it. While it’s unfinished. While it’s looking uprofessional and half-baked. Ouch! So how do you know they’re landing on it?

Why, you check your webstats, of course. You do HAVE web stats set up for your site …. don’t you?? The best free stats I’ve found recently are to be found at – pop over and check it out.

OK – getting back to the point – see your website through your visitors’ eyes … one morning before you look at anything else online, or before you read the newspaper, pretend you’ve never seen your site before. Start by going to google and typing in some of the keywords which find your site, click any link which takes you there.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • is the website name on this page?
  • does this look like a legitimate business?
  • what’s for sale?
  • is it easy to find more info about it?
  • how quickly can I find the price?
  • did I have to dig through layers of pages to find the price? if ‘yes’, did I get bored?
  • if I have questions, how easy is it for me to find the FAQ or Contact page?
  • on a scale of 10 being the highest, what would I rate this experience?

You may not like the answers you gave yourself – if not, ask a couple of friends who know nothing about your business the same questions before they pop over to your site – on random pages, not the home page. See what their answers are.

This could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business – start thinking like a potential customer and see if your site is a great experience – or not. If not, fix it a.s.a.p. Remember, all feedback is good feedback, an opportunity to improve on what you have.

OK – get to it – don’t waste another day!

Ciao for now,

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