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Helping others is my goal, with my 20 years in the IT industry, 10 years providing online solutions including websites, video marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimisation (optimization), plus tips, tools, Courses & DVDs ... I'd love to help you too :-)
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How to use clever linkwheels to create backlinks

Tweet “How can I use linkwheels to create backlinks?” Excellent question, let me see if I can answer it in the easiest-to-understand way. A linkwheel – in internet terms – is a series of other websites (called Web 2 properties) which point back to a main website. “Why is it important to have linkwheels to...

Why use long tail keywords?

Tweet If you’re wondering how to use long tail keywords, or even wondering WHAT they are, then this information is for you. In a nutshell, long tail keywords (or “long tailed” or “longtail” or “longtailed” – however you’d like to write it) are simply a series of words someone might type into a search engine,...

How much content should be on a homepage?

Tweet Today’s questions is, “How much content should be on a homepage?” More or less content on a homepage. There is certainly a difference of opinion here. Pete, UK Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: www.google.com Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter...

Website Marketing Plan – Step 2 – How to get your first 75 Website Visitors

Tweet Try this simple Website Marketing Plan   Step 2 – How to get your first 75 Website Visitors for free using this tip Bravo! You’re about the read one of the easiest ways to use this Website Marketing Plan! If you have already read the first in this series - Step 1 - and enjoyed it,...
What do I do next with my website ?

What do I do next with my website ?

Tweet If you’ve just got your website online or even if it’s been online for a while, have you been asking yourself: “What do I do next with my website?” I’ve started creating a list to outline a series of things you COULD do, but you only need to do them in small steps, when...

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