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Helping others is my goal, with my 20 years in the IT industry, 10 years providing online solutions including websites, video marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimisation (optimization), plus tips, tools, Courses & DVDs ... I'd love to help you too :-)
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SEO for dummies

Tweet Now before you get annoyed at the title, I mean this in a positive way … the Dummies range of books are world-reknowned, and I don’t think anyone takes offence any more. I’ve been reading up on search engine optimization the past week, reminding myself of the things to do when I build new...

16 Questions for Website Owners

Tweet If you have a website, when was the last time you REALLY looked at it? I’m going to ask you to try something – bear with me on this, as it’s really important. Pick a morning where you can put aside an hour or two and make an Appointment with yourself in your diary....

28 Top Web Tips

Tweet I recently came up with a bunch of top website tips, for those about to jump into the exciting world of owning their own website or blog, and also for seasoned web folk too. You’ll get info on: Getting Started Branding Moving Around the Website Links The Visitor’s Experience Images Proofreading Content You think...

Does your image need to go on a diet?

Tweet Does your graphic / image need to go on a diet?Do your friends and associates beg you to stop sending HUGE images via email? Do your website’s pages take forever to appear because the image is appearing pixel-by-pixel, time enough to make a cup of tea? If you’re ready to learn a quick and...

Backups and keeping copies

Tweet Did you see the article in the paper or online today, about NASA ‘misplacing’ the video of the FIRST STEPS ON THE MOON??? Oh boy, I really can’t believe that! One giant blunder for mankind: How NASA lost moon pictures Richard Macey : August 5, 2006 THE heart-stopping moments when Neil Armstrong took his...

Websites : Crop AND resize images – easy peasy!

Tweet I have just come across the best online utility for images so far – www.Pixoh.com – now called SNIPSHOT.COM. You can upload your image of any size, click and drag to resize [and reduce the weight!], as well as crop by simply dragging the red dots on the corners of your uploaded image. This...

Marketing :: Writing clearly and concisely

Tweet I talk with a lot of people about their businesses, and I receive many emails every day. One thing which never ceases to amaze me is the quality of their writing. I don’t want to sound too critical, but I believe that when you’re emailing with a business colleague or consultant, spelling and grammar...

Websites : Always test features before going live!

Tweet This morning I was cruising around the Control Panel of my hosting account where my website lives, and I was checking out some of the features available. There were plenty there to keep me busy for quite some time. I noticed one I hadn’t seen before, so I clicked on it to automatically set...

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