So what do I mean by “Taming the Technology Beast”?

I feel like I’ve tamed the Beast today and am mighty chuffed (pleased) with myself.

Recently I moved to a new apartment and after the usual 2.5 weeks to get broadband/wifi set-up, I was online with my MacBook and screaming at break-neck speeds around the internet doing what I love to do icon smile Taming the Technology Beast

There was only small hiccup – I also have an old Windows PC – a Dell Inspiron 4600 – which I’d tried to connect to my wifi without any joy.

Even though I’m technically inclined, I don’t know much about Windows PCs these days so went to the experts. I called the Wifi Modem company and told them my story – luckily I was speaking with a sympathetic guy who spent nearly two hours with me while we tried a whole host of things – ethernet cable (evidently there’s no ethernet card in the laptop), wifi, Windows settings and a whole lot more mumbo jumbo. We (by which I mean “me” as the other person was on the phone) opened and closed 3 different types of browsers many times, changed Settings files in many locations on the PC, rebooted a gazillion times and tried all the little Settings in different combinations.

Phew – I was exhausted! At the end of the two hours my friend wifi modem tech guy reluctanly admitted he couldn’t help me anymore – but there were a few options I could try:

  • immediately call their Pay-for-Support Help Line (with no guarantee of success, of course)
  • go online with my Mac and locate ‘network drivers’ for the PC, and copy them across on a USB stick
  • the difficulty with this is that he couldn’t tell me which drivers I needed
  • call the manufacturer of the laptop and ask them what to do
  • all of the above, with my fingers crossed.

I gave up in frustration, and reluctantly recharged the wifi USB/dongle hoping it would last long enough for the upload I needed to do.

Guess what – it didn’t icon sad Taming the Technology Beast

So today in frustration I decided I must get to the bottom of this and again spent plenty of time on the internet looking for solutions … and then … I found it! Two obscure little references to 2 settings on the laptop – so I eagerly tried them and GOT CONNECTED to my home wifi – WOOHOO!! But the excitement was short-lived – I coudn’t reach any websites on the browsers …

Not to be beaten when I was soooo close to victory, I rebooted the PC laptop, tried again and YES! VICTORY WAS MINE!

And the moral of the story is – even when someone else tells you something isn’t possible, don’t totally believe it – keep trying, keep striving, keep searching for an answer – and you just might find what you’re looking for icon smile Taming the Technology Beast

Teena – proud to win the challenge of taming the technology beast icon smile Taming the Technology Beast

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