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Today I read about TinyGrab for Mac OS X via Techcrunch.com and it sounded like a really cool tool.

I signed up on the site http://TinyGrab.com – and being a techie person I just took a snapshot and waited for something to happen.

And waited … and … oh ohh, should’ve read the fine print.

Here’s what you’re really supposed to do:

  • click the Download button to install the software
  • choose where you want the DMG file to be located – I chose Applications Folder
  • I double clicked the DMG a new desktop window opened
  • I could see the Applications folder, a PDF manual, and the TinyGrab application
  • I dragged the TinyGrab app to the Applications folder
  • I opened the PDF – reading the instructions can be extremely helpful icon smile TinyGrab for Mac OS X

Towards the bottom of page 3 I spotted a problem …

TinyGrab only works on Mac OS X 5 or greater.

and I have OSX 4+ … but not 5+ … yet.

My suggestion to TinyGrab

If only the info about the minimum Operating System was on the home page of the site icon sad TinyGrab for Mac OS X — good idea not to assume every website visitor has the latest version, simply let them know up front … before they download software and have to read through a pdf.

And if I was going to show how easy it is to use a product, instead of making STEP NUMBER 1 :

Hold down:
holddown TinyGrab for Mac OS X

I’d make Step #1 : Download the software if you have Mac OS X 5+

The tool looks great –

Bravo TinyGrab!!

I’ll get to enjoy if after I upgrade my operating system. icon smile TinyGrab for Mac OS X



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