For about two weeks I’ve been getting Twitter spam via email, telling me to ‘reset my password’ so I’ve filtered those emails to go straight into the trash.

skype logo Twitter Spam, now Skype SpamToday I just received my first Skype spam – and funnily enough, the spammers have used one of my emails names which ISN’T attached to my Skype account icon smile Twitter Spam, now Skype Spam

The spam email looks like this:


quotemark left blue Twitter Spam, now Skype Spam

Hi there,

Thanks for making your purchase through Skype. We’re happy to confirm your payment.

== Here are your purchase details: (open attaced file) == quotemark right blue Twitter Spam, now Skype Spam

and then they very cleverly (haha) attach a Word document for me to open.

Do these people have no shame? Why can’t they get real jobs?

So as a note to you – whenever you get emails like this:

  1. never click any LINKS in the emails
  2. never click any ATTACHMENTS in the emails.
Quite often the links will have little files attached which place a ‘cookie’ on your computer, which could either capture every keystroke you make (including logins and passwords) or install more vicious virus software.
Same goes for the launching of a document when you double-click to open it.
When you see these emails, simply trash them or report them (if you know how to report them to the company whose name they are illegally using).

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