Hello everyone it’s Arman again. Hope everyone is fine. It looks like you are a little curious about title of my post. By the way I’m from Bangladesh and I love my country a lot. And of course it’s people too but not everyone. Especially those corrupted peoples.

Now get to the main point. Our country has started developing a lot. Our technology is moving very fast. We have learned how to develop a HTML site, Then dynamic PHP site, Then frame-work based sites, Online marketing, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and most of all SPAM !!

And some of those SPAMMERS are involved in our govt. agencies too. They know a little about SEO or maybe a lot. But they probably forgot that Bangladesh has a respectful law system that is very strict against corruption and anti-law works.

Those SPAMMERS know a simple but odd myth about SEO. That’s a .GOV ( Dot Gov ) or .EDU ( Dot Edu ) domain is a great advantage for SEO. Maybe they are because those sites have good reputation ( Google PageRank, AlexaRank ) and low out-bound links. So these sites really improve SEO. But those sites shouldn’t be used for SPAM or Bad-Linking. A site containing a Bad-Link can penalize or blacklist a site in Search Engines very fast. As we can see WWW-Dot-DPE-Dot-GOV-Dot-BD ( Department Of Primary Education Bangladesh ).

www – dpe – gov – bd is blacklisted by Google

Next story is a Back-Link factor.

I was searching some of Bangladeshi Govt. sites. I have found lot’s of weird linking in our reputed Govt. sites. These sites are managed by govt. employees or some hired company. These sites are not editable. Maybe some blog type sites have comment system, but most of sites are on static HTML page. So it’s not possible for someone outside to edit those Static HTML pages. That means those SPAM links are inserted by someone who manage these sites.

Result of SEO SPAM

Scrolled Down

Hidden Links In White Area

SPAM Links In Source Code

After adding those links to a GOV site, It start decreasing it’s Ranking in search engine and sometime it got to suspect list by many security system such as Internet-Security software’s.

As "Right to Information Act, 2009 [ Bangladesh ]" we are eligible to know about the fact of Adding Bad-Links in these important Govt. sites. So let’s ask them, why they are adding those links in our Govt. sites.
To prevent those bad SEO practice we should report those corrupted people to law-enforcement agencies. And send them to Jail as soon as possible.

It’s not possible to post full article because DP only supports 4 image per post. By the way if you wanna read full article anyway then visit.

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