It’s sooooooooo easy to copy someone else’s content, isn’t it?

But we don’t do it … right??


Really, there’s no glory in stealing other people’s words and efforts, please write your 0wn text, after being inspired by what others have written.

If you suspect someone has stolen your website content, what can you do?

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You can write a Cease & Desist letter, contact a lawyer, start proceedings.

But before that, you can put a COPYSCAPE icon on your pages, to show thiefs you mean business.

Here are some links you might find useful: : read “Internet Copyright Law: A Rat Pilfered My Web Site Cheese – What Do I Do? – Remedies for Web Site Copyright Infringement”

To create a cease and desist letter online, visit:

Find copies of your web content on the Internet:

Digital Millennium Copyright Act:

There’s a wealth of information online about protecting your text, and there are javascripts you can add to your webpages to stop people from dragging their mouse over your text and copying. Realistically though, if you want your words to be copyright, perhaps they should be in a book, and only descriptions placed on your site. It’s certainly food for thought …


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