Something which I’ve been wondering about lately is the reasoning behind all the PDFs [Portable Document Format documents] which website owners have on their sites.

I love to give lots of information as much as the next person [maybe even more] but I think this is very important :

Always let the web visitor know
the link they are about to click on
will go to a PDF.

Why should you let them know? There are a few reasons:

  • maybe they don’t have time for a pdf to load
  • maybe they don’t have pdf reader software installed
  • maybe they’re afraid of viruses
  • and the list goes on.

Most importantly, you don’t want to alienate your web visitor or make it harder for them to get information. If your pdf is full of great info, and should be read by all your web visitors, consider turning the info into web pages.

Another pdf issue which crops up from time to time is the method used to save info as pdfs. Recently I have received [or downloaded] catalogs of information, but once the pdf was opened, I was unable to use the Search feature. I had to wonder – what’s the point of a catalog if I couldn’t search for what I needed? None of the obvious topics were clickable, so the only option I had was to scroll through or search for a page number. What a turn off that was. Consider your web visitor when you ‘save’ your info as a pdf – carefully consider the Settings before the final click ‘ok’.

I would just like you to think about your web visitor, the ‘end-user’ of your information, and put yourself in their shoes. Or better still, what’s bugged you lately about websites you’ve been to or info YOU’VE received? Could any of your web visitors feel like that about YOUR website?

Give it some thought … you may just find you could do a spot of tweaking, help out potential customers and gain a few new clients by making your site even easier to use.

Ciao for now,

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