OK, I admit it, I love my web stats.

Many new website owners don’t really understand the benefit of stats, but once I learnt how to read them, I was hooked!

I’ve just been checking the stats on one of my sites – what did I find?

One referring website sent me 50% of my visitors this week.

Wow! “So what?”, you’re probably saying.

Well, this is huge, a bonus, something exciting – someone on that other website wrote something interesting enough about my site enough to send people to visit.

What I’ll do now:

  • I’ll visit the site and read what’s written
  • I’ll find out who to contact on that site, or whether it was a different visitor who posted the message
  • I’ll send them a “thank you” email
  • being grateful for small mercies is so important
  • thanking people shows you care about your website, so don’t forget to thank people who write about you, whether it’s positive or not

Which site am I talking about? My HumbleApostrophe.com site – click the logo to go have a squizz.

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I use StatCounter.com for my stats, which is in addition to the stats provided by my server. Why? Because StatCounter has really easy to read, cool stats, so most newbie web owners will be able to understand them. I want to be able to recommend products which give excellent results at no added expense to my clients.

What else can I learn from stats?

  • which page someone landed on, and which page they left from
  • how many minutes [hopefully hours] someone spent visiting
  • which pages they visited – and in which order
  • whether it was their first visit, or how many times they’ve visited
  • which website or link in an email or newsgroup they came from [this is very important especially if you're tracking your online marketing efforts]
  • which pages are most popular – and then try to work out why the unpopular pages don’t get a look in, and then work out how to make them more interesting
  • which keywords people typed in search engines to find my pages
  • which search engines sent me the most trafffic
  • which countries, states and cities my visitors are from …

Are you starting to get the picture? Web stats are a WEALTH of information, which can be used to boost traffic and target potential clients.

Hey, don’t just take my word for it, check your own web stats today!

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