underconstruction Websites : Under Construction   OUCH!!#!If there was only ONE thing you should never put on your webpage, it’s “Under Construction”.

OK, yes of course there are more things you should never do, but we’ll cover those another day. icon smile Websites : Under Construction   OUCH!!#!

So you’re wondering why it’s a no-no to use these two words?

Briefly, it makes you look totally unprofessional [if that's the look you were aiming for], silly, unprepared, etc, etc, etc.

It makes it sound like you’ve thrown a page online or a website, but didn’t have 5 minutes to type one sentence with some meaning, and you probably won’t find the time to do so in the very near future.

Oh dear.

Such a shame, someone’s visited your page from the other side of the cosmos and all you can say is … “Under Construction”.

What should you do instead?

[1] don’t publish that page until you have text for it, or
[2] publish it now but take the 37.5 seconds required to write ONE sentence about what is going to appear on the page.

How hard is it to write this on a Products Page until you have more info:

“Our products are the best in this industry. Please call us to speak to one of our staff today, or click here to email us with your enquiry – we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!”

It takes a soupçon of time [that's French for teeny-weeny amount] – go on, if you have written any words like “Under Construction” on YOUR site, skulk away and fix it – pronto!

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