In Sydney, Australia [where I live], there is a SEXPO at the moment – an expo about sex related products and services. I was aware it was on, but didn’t really know more about it than that.

I just got an email from a friend in Canada, who’s mother had read about it in her local paper [Tip #1 - the power of the internet and information]. Evidently there was an article about an artist …. who paints portraits with his penis. [OK, OK, don't panic, this isn't going to get risqué - I just wanted to show how much the internet is 'in' our daily life.]

Well, this piqued my interest icon smile Websites : What will they think of next? and so I did a quick google, and lo and behold, there he was – Pricasso – and yes I did have to laugh out loud at the name of his website!

So I popped over to and had a look. Very neat website, tasteful in a naked kind of way.

icon smile Websites : What will they think of next?

It got me thinking – this local chap now has worldwide recognition :

  • by having a unique product or service, or at least one to get people talking
  • he has a website [even one page is better than nothing]
  • he is participating in an event in his ‘field’
  • the marketing is being done by the event organisers
  • he is probably receiving more hits on his website this week than ever before

This made me think that every small [or any sized] business has one product or service which could catapult them into getting more visitors to their website, if only they knew how to MARKET it.

The key is to think outside the box – pay attention to newspaper or magazine articles which catch your attention – what did they do to make you keep reading? They made it sound interesting. So – put your thinking caps on … and see if you can promote just ONE of your many skills, products or services. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Writing articles and posting on article directories [with link to your site in your signature]
  • Posting on forums – ones where you have good knowledge and can readily share tips and expertise for free [with link to your site in your signature]
  • Commenting on blogs [with link to your site in your signature]
  • Having excellent content in your site, which you update regularly – weekly is best, monthly is good – ‘never’ is bad
  • Getting inbound links
  • Writing Press Releases for every new product, service or innovation in your business – and distributing them [leaving them on your computer without distributing doesn't do a whole lot ... icon smile Websites : What will they think of next? ]

These are just a few tips – you may come up with more, but if you make your Press Release or article or website content really interesting to read, you’re on the right track.

Back to Pricasso … can you guess what the ONE MAJOR THING he could have done to ensure people talk about his art for a long time?

He could have a sign-up form on his website – capturing visitor email and details, and offering to email a series of ‘How I paint’ mini emails, to keep people interested [by using an Autoresponder]. Having an autoresponder means you don’t have to reply to basic questions, but you offer more info and more detail, and then only the serious will contact you to go further.

The autoresponder series could include all kinds of details which are humorous, or about the techniques or inspiration, and could easily come from some of the topics on his FAQ page; each one need only be a paragraph or two, and sent out daily or weekly, for 5, 7 or 10 days or weeks. He could then include links to his Buy Now or Contact Me for a Quote page, or other interesting pages on his website, like History of Penile Painting – haha sorry, couldn’t resist that – or other fascinating facts. His new fan base would love it.

Imagine – he could have ended up with a mailing list of thousands of people after this marketing event!

Can you think of another thing which would help the Pricasso website? A ‘Media Room’ – a page to show links to articles written about the Artist, links to magazines who’ve featured the artwork etc. A Press Release which could be downloadable, photos which are free to put in magazines, newspapers, websites etc. This makes it easy for journalists if they can download your info, which is chock full of fascinating facts.

So – keep your eye out for opportunities, with your own business and website.

Good luck!

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