If you’ve just got your website online or even if it’s been online for a while, have you been asking yourself:

“What do I do next with my website?”

I’ve started creating a list to outline a series of things you COULD do, but you only need to do them in small steps, when you feel you’re able to accomplish one thing at a time.

The “What do I do next with my website” topics (so far) are:

  • what do i do next with my website checklist What do I do next with my website ?Tracking your website visitors – what questions did they type to find you online? how di they find your website – via a search engine, your business card, from an article or something else you wrote?
  • Add regular content to your site – I often say websites are like gardens, you have to tend to them, nurture them, and don’t leave them to wither and die
  • “How can I come up with MORE content after my 5 main pages??” You’d be surprised at how easy this is once you use my simple techniques
  • Yes you really should have a Mailing List icon smile What do I do next with my website ?  My friends laugh at me about this, I nag all of them who have websites and the ones who’ve finally agreed to have mailing lists are now thanking me for ‘showing them the light’ icon smile What do I do next with my website ?
  • Create an Autoresponder Series of informational emails – this is one of the easiest ways to show your expertise to strangers who land on your website
  • Use audio and video on your site – the power of voice and video is amazing, and aren’t used nearly as much as they could be
  • Creating a great Youtube Channel – once you see the steps to set this up, your Channel will be an interesting place to visit
  • Share the love – tell the world about your new website information
  • Social Media / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn etc – there are so many tips and tricks to use with each of these.

For “What do I do next with my website”, I’ve expanded on each of these topics on my website, if you’d like to understand how to use each of these – please pop over to this page and read more:

The Website Owners’ Bible

I have so much information I love to share with my clients, newsletter subscribers and followers on Twitter and Facebook, that I’m finally putting it all together into video tutorials, checklists and a book. It’s been in the planning stages for a long time, and is finally about to see the light of day icon smile What do I do next with my website ? If you’d like to know more, pop over to this page:

Let me know what you think, do any of these sound like something you could try today?



Enjoyed “What do I do next with my website?”

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