This year has elapsed under the sign of Kinect. Microsoft is preparing many new games that use motion and vote. Not just for kids and families, but also for so-called. hardcore gamers.

If you look at Microsoft’s publishing plans and compare them with what Sony is plotting, you get the impression that the Redmond giant forgive the video game market. “Throughout the year, only three power exclusive’y?” (Exclusive to the game, which is published in a single platform – ed) – can holler loud players who bought the Xbox 360, believing that this is a better choice than PlayStation 3 But nothing is certain, because this year finally has the potential to be used Kinect, a device which has already pinned patch “toys”, and which has a much bigger aspirations.

Before going to the Kinect games, lets mention the three exclusives, which will be operated traditionally, using pads.

The first is the “Gears of War 3, the last in a trilogy of shooters incredibly impressive,” about the struggle of people with nasty Locustami (called the “locust” means the locusts). Again, we offer a compelling single-player campaign, as well as extensive multiplayer mode. Its premiere was to take place in March, but will be held until the autumn.

Gears of War 3

In the same period will be the second of the titles are intended solely for the Xbox – Forza Motorsport 4 “, something for fans of the four wheels and high speed. This driving simulator, which – as the creators promise – is to be the most realistic game of its kind in history. It is worth mentioning that it will exploit the Kinecta.

The third year’s exclusive to Microsoft’s console is by far the most mysterious. It’s “Kingdoms”, the game announced by the studio Crytek (Far Cry, “” Crysis “) at E3 in June last year. Until today, nobody knows what exactly is to be and when to appear. However, we believe that it is able to release this year.

If you like to play only on the crash, and fun with Kinecta scares you … This essentially would be enough. But if you want to try something new, you should look at these titles:

“Project Draco” – production by Yukio Futatsugiego, the father of the series, “Panzer Dragoon,” inspired by Taze. Will sit on the back of a dragon, and Take to the skies, where stoczymy flying combat with various enemies.

“Star Wars Kinect” – the first game in the universe of “Star Wars” in which we could wave a lightsaber and use Jedi powers, virtually without holding anything in his hands (you will be willing to probably be able to buy an imitation sword, to feel like Luke Skywalker) . Release Date: Christmas 2011

“Codename D” – a secret project, is working on Goichi Suda and his team Grasshopper (creator of “killer7″, “No More Heroes” and “Shadows of the Damned”). We know about him only that it is intended primarily for “hardcore” players.

“Rise of the Nightmares” – a game of survival horror, prepared by the company SEGA. There is for now too much information about it, but the same species makes it intriguing.

“Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor – continued in 2002 issued a robot battle simulator. This time we have an opportunity posterować it using their own movements. The game will be held in 2082 years, the United States.

Of course, the above-mentioned games are the same exclusive’y Xbox machines. Besides them, waiting for you lot this year Prime Minister multiplatformowych, among which there will be potential hits such as:

* “Dead Space 2″ (January)
* “Bulletstorm” (February)
* Crysis 2 “(March)
* “Portal 2″ (April)
* “Shift 2: Unleashed” (second quarter)
* “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” (first half year)
* “Rage” (September)
* “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” (November)
* “Shadows of the Damned” (Autumn)
* “Mass Effect 3 (fourth quarter)


There is therefore no reason to complain. This year should be for owners of Xbox machines as interesting as the favorite show on TVN-ie. Chart will be in abundance, and for that we will closely observe the development of Kinecta and using it to games. The coming months will give us an answer, is it really as big a revolution as preached Microsoft.


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