If you’re wondering how to use long tail keywords, or even wondering WHAT they are, then this information is for you.

In a nutshell, long tail keywords (or “long tailed” or “longtail” or “longtailed” – however you’d like to write it) are simply a series of words someone might type into a search engine, for example:

  • buy condo sydney australia
  • where to find astroboy toys
  • how can i build a website
  • best way to groom a german shepherd
  • where’s the best pizza in new york.

Each of these is a long tail keyword phrase, and as such, are questions or queries which have been typed by someone into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or one of the many hundreds of other search engines.

An example – 5 word phrase as long tail keywords

long tail keywords what is seo comfortable red shoes in chicago Why use long tail keywords?

Keyword phrase:  comfortable red shoes in chicago

Results: 125,000 in a Google search

Getting back to the question, “WHY use long tail keywords?”

If you know how to check your website traffic statistics, you’ll be able to discover the phrases (or long tail keywords) which people have typed and FOUND your website pages.
These are like gold nuggets – if ONE person has typed a phrase and landed on your site, chances are OTHER people might type the same or a similar phrase.

So – I can hear you asking, “How can long tail keywords benefit ME?”

The beauty of these long tail keywords is that you can create website pages and blog posts BASED ON those phrases – or questions. Your can therefore use the long tail keyword phrase of your choice for:
  • the URL or website page link, e.g. http://buildawebsitetonight.com/what-is-seo.html
  • in the Headings on the page or post (use H1, H2 and H3 headings to boost your SEO)
  • in the first sentence and the last sentence of the page or post
  • in the name of any images to be displayed on the page or post
  • in the ALT tag of any images to be displayed on the page or post
  • as “anchor text” to link to another similar page on your site
  • as “anchor text” to link to an external page off your site
  • peppered within the body of the page or post (without overdoing it).
When those hungry little search engine robots come sniffing your new content, it won’t take them long to work out what YOUR page or post is about, because you’ve cleverly placed the long tail keyword phrase in all the places they’re searching (shown in the list above).
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facebookhighdetail 64 Why use long tail keywords?twitterhighdetail 64 Why use long tail keywords?
Ciao for now – and don’t forget to start thinking about long tail keywords for your SEO strategy!
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