Yes, Mr Google’s been busy icon smile Wondering about Google Places modifications?

What are the Google Places modifications?

If you’ve been setting up your Google Places (previously called Google Local) listing, then this will affect you.

First of all, don’t worry – no-one’s been banned, they’ve just made cosmetic changes to the way the listings look.

If  you have created listings, you might be thinking:

“Oh no, what does this mean for my Google Places listing?!”

Remember you’re not alone, you’re not the only one affected – ALL folks using Google Places are affected by this change.

The changes will be rolled out around the world, so if you don’t see any changes yet, don’t worry – it’ll happen soon enough.

What are these Google Places modifications?

The main changes can be summarised as follows:

1. The new layout puts greater emphasis on Google user reviews as opposed to third party user reviews.

Summary: this actually makes sense and is a logical step for Google especially as they try to grab a slice of the pie from Facebook by stirring up the ‘social’ aspect of websites and blogs.

2. New ‘Write A Review’ button is easy to find.

Summary: Google user reviews are the main focus which encourage visitors to use the Google interface to leave their comments which will be reflected across the internet (remember, ‘transparency’ is the new move forward e.g. Google +1).

3. Citations have been removed from the bottom of the page.

Summary:  Google wants to encourage us to use THEIR ‘write a review’ process rather than go searching for citations/testimonials from other authority sites; this makes sense for Google. We may think otherwise, but if you have a local business with a street address and you want to use Google Place, you need to do what Google needs you to do to ensure your listing is relevant. Let your customers know there’s a new super easy way to write recommendations, referrals and testimonials for you, your product and services – send them the link to your Google Places listing.

4. Description & Working hours have been removed.

Summary: Only Google knows why they would do this, and it’s now out of our control so we must just accept this.

Overview of the Google Places modifications

I believe there will be more testing and more changes rolling out in the upcoming months, so be prepared to make quick changes to your listing when required.

The bottom line is none of this is really earth shattering, but it’s good to be informed and aware of what’s going on so you won’t be surprised the next time you visit your listing icon smile Wondering about Google Places modifications?

It’s your goal to build authority for your website  and your business, and Google gives you a ‘free’ Google Places listing if you simply follow the rules.

Still wondering about Google Places modifications? 

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