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Yes, I’ve been a naughty girl – I haven’t written on the blog for a wee while as I had a ton of projects I am working on – but that’s no excuse, I know, I know.

I wanted to tell you about an interesting experiment of sorts, by Duncan Carver, who has decided to launch a new website online called WormFarmingSecrets.com.

“So what’s special about that?” I hear you ask.

Well, Duncan wanted to take his newsletter subscribers through the step-by-step internet marketing processes of:

  • creating a one-page website
  • linking to it from PR7 websites
  • showing how the SEO was achieved
  • how to duplicate everything he does with the website.

In effect, it’s a web building Tutorial – on Worm Farming Secrets.

I’ve just watched the video he created for the SEO segment [he details the steps he's taken each week] and although I knew most of it, it’s always good to hear someone talk [he has a Kiwi accent - he's a New Zealander] and watch their mouse point out things on the screen. This often sinks in much better for some people than reading an email or an ebook.

Read the blog here:


and then follow the links in the right margin of the screen, under the heading PAGES, to come up-to-date.

If you’d like to follow along, pop over to Duncan’s site and sign up for his newsletter:


If you’d like to get some great tips on simple but essential SEO, watch the video on the worm farming link above.

I’ll follow his progress too and post my thoughts here.

Any comments? Simply click the COMMENTS link at the bottom of each blog post. icon smile WormFarmingingSecrets.com

Ciao for now!

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